Perspective of the Gods

This is an art gallery depicting some of the most known Gods and Goddess in many different forms of art through out our history.

The Fall of the Titans depicts The Greek Gods, in a battle with titans and giants before the birth of man. This fits into my gallery, because the rise of man is also as important as the fall of man.
The Amazement of the Gods depicts other gods gazing upon Jupiter leaving Venus to love another as the other gods look on in amazement. This was chosen for it commanded the attention of the gods.
Apollo served by the nymph’s depicts strength, devotion, and love given abundantly as he is treated as so as he is bathed and fed. This perspective of a God is one of lavishness.
Apollo and Diana depicts the mortality and beauty of the god, relating to that of humans. This piece is in my gallery for its perception of the god and its similarites
Shakyamuni, the Historical Buddha depicts the robe, leanness, youthfulness, and into the introspective moods. A highly enriched form of religion that gives its own perception of the world.
The Goddess Athena seated on a rock depicts her relaxation after a victorious battle. This is in my gallery because this perception is the spoils of war’s end.
Votive Statuette: Zeus with thunderbolt depicts the Greek God as ready for battle as he is ready to launch his massive thunderbolt. This was chosen for the perception of battle from Zeus.
Seated Goddess depicts the comfortability and enrichness of the goddess as she sits on her throne. It has not yet been verified of whom but believed to be Hara, Persephone, or Aphrodite
Head of Poseidon depicts the human features of this Greek God of the sea. He was chosen for his mighty power that he commands at sea and his perception of the world as he is in human form.
Crucifix with the Virgin and the Saint depicts the moments after Jesus’s last moments on earth and the emotional content it held. This perception speaks for itself but is another approach as a deity.
Credits: All media
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