All the artworks I have choose relate to each other because they all have something to do with the beach. I love looking at the beach because every time you look out to the ocean you always find something new. The artworks I have choose are really nice and they all somehow relate to each there in different ways. What I love about the artworks I have choose are all unique in their own ways which I why I picked them and can’t stop looking at them. They are really beautiful. The artworks that have selected tell a story sometimes the one I have is different to the actual meaning the artist had in mind when they paint they artwork. I love looking at artworks because they always touch you in different ways. The reason why I choose those particular artworks was because they all had a really important message to me. The reason why I put the artworks in tone colour order because when you flick through them you can see the day getting darker and darker so it is like during the day how it is light at sometimes and then dark light dark so I put the artworks in that order so people can see that it is like the day and that sometimes you don’t have the best day so in your eyes the world is dark. That is why I put them in the order that I did. I really love the pictures that I have choose and I think that once the audience looks at bit they will get it  

I choose this one for subjective because to me I personally think that it has a lot of emotion and when I look at it , it changes me mood because when you are uopset and you look around you, you sometimes feel lonely so when i look at this picture i see someone looking out to the sea and there is no one around so the person feels lonely
I choose this for cultural because it shows that there are families there having fun so to me it means that you can celebrate your cultural with your family and that they love you I really like this picture because it tells you that your family will always be there for you
I choose this for structured because there is a lot of colours and there are a lot of different shapes I think that there are some hidden signs and symbols you just have to look closely in order to get it
I choose this for post modern because when I look at this picture I am looking and thinking about the meaning it has not about the colours or how good it looks there is something I like about this there is something about it that makes you wanting to keep looking at it
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