The Marvelous tendencies of the Mind

imagination, beauty, and intelligence

I chose this image for a couple of reasons. I like the aesthetics of the color. The yellow house, the white clouds against the blue sky, the bright green grass, and the amazingly big orange fish. I like the 3-dimensional imagery of the hand, fish, hat, and house. I like the way the clouds seem to fade off in the distance. I also chose this image because it encourages me to think. I can only imagine what this artist was trying to portray to the audience. A yellow house, by what seems to be an ocean, and a fish as tall as the home is rising out of the water. Then off to the left side, you see a rough hand pointing to a hat. My perception is that the hat is highly important for some reason and the fish would love to wear it under the sea to be the coolest fish in "sea-town" The house probably represents the home of the person whom the hat belongs to, which is why the fish is drawn parallel to house. I love this image!
I chose this image because I love to get a visual of the way the world looked in reference to the bible. The serenity of this world is beautiful. The greenery is so alive and creates oxygen to my spirit just by looking into it. I say that I look "into" it because of the way this image is painted. It appears as though you can walk through it, I picture myself in it, walking through the still creek, I can feel the cold gentle water tapping against my feet and legs. The beauty of this world is incredible in this painting. I like this image because I can create a real sense of feeling and imagination.
I chose this image because I love the sophistication portrayed. The woman is dressed in a conservative yet feminine style. The way her red skirt drapes off the chair, giving a visual to the form of her legs at the same time. her white blouse is very feminine-like with the cloth hanging off of one shoulder. Then it also gives a sophisticated impression because she is lost in the world of literature. She appears to be very relaxed while reading and the colors in the painting revive a mellow mood to me. Lastly, she is a female reading a book, which speaks to the intelligence a female possesses.
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