Pakistan and Nepal Culture

Edgar Torres

Pakistan's culture shows how detailed their art can be transformed into their culture like this Bronze Dragon Lampstand.
A very dangerous path over the thin bridge. This shows how Pakistan's geography has many high mountains and low plateaus.
This a a funeral palace. The amount of fine touches and details on each building shows how they take their culture seriously.
Many fabrics are drying because it is very important for women to wear this everyday of their lives in Pakistan.
This jewelry is only made of rare ores from North-Eastern Pakistan.
These hard workers from Pakistan have to deal with low pay, and they are exposed to lots of radiation and the smell from cleaning this breaking ship.
Water in Nepal is a very important resource because many can not find a fresh source of water there.
The children in Nepal go to school in these areas. It is amazing how the art on the walls speak to these children and tells them that school is a happy place to be.
Many suffer to recover from the 7.5 magnitude earthquake that recently struck Nepal in 2015.
Many lucky ones like this individual struggles to live in a tent after the earthquake that struck Nepal and destroyed his home.
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