variety of trees

Wall text: The theme throughout the “variety of trees” gallery is of grasslands; all artworks have one consistent article throughout them which is trees. These trees in the artworks have a range in shape and form but all coming together makes the gallery more entertaining and various. Artworks in this gallery are all similar, they share alike features including patterns, colour scheme, the environment/setting of the painting and of course what is in the visual text.                                                All of the artworks have very similar creation styles, with either using watercolours or brush strokes, showing a rough textual pattern through some parts of the artwork. From the beginning of the gallery the colours are darker and less engaging were as the gallery goes further on the artworks become brighter and bolder, with lots of colour, expressing a happy and blissful mood. The paintings colours mostly consist of the same blues and greens, with the occasional bright colours of orange and yellow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

This artwork evidences the Postmodern Frame.
This work evidences the structural frame.
This painting is a subjective frame.
This artwork evidences the Cultural Frame