Textures of The Tides

I've chosen this artwork for my collection because of the way you can see the texture of the shore. How it gently touches the sand and you can feel the tide pulling the water back towards the ocean ever so calmly like summer sunset on the beach.
The dramatic effect of the tide gives you the "on edge" feeling as you watch the fisherman fend for their lives to the mercy of the sea.
In this artwork you can see the detail of everything so beautifully. The ripples of the water as well as the distinct and fine textures of the cliff in the background.
This photograph of the ocean has beautiful texture and detail of both land and sea. The tide pulling in and out with gentle waters, as you can see the wet sand from where the ocean drifted during a more higher tides flow
Although the main focus is the people on the rock, the texture of the ocean still remains. The flow of the calm water as a sailboat sails gently across the water.
The texture of the waterfall soaring its way down the cliff is very well defined, as well as how it hits the rocks below and the mist rising towards the sky is very well detailed in texture
The paint strokes in this artwork is magnificent. The texture within the water as it reflects the mountain is beautiful. even the boat has a wooden texture as its reflection shines off the water.
The captivation of this image is beautiful, the texture of the water as it hits the mountain along with its colors is astounding. The ripples in the water as it shows dramatic and surean effects as the mysterious glows from beyond the sky take effect.
The texture in this water is very calm and shows very small ripples in the water. It gives off that same as a calm day on the beach where the tide barely makes any motion at all.
The texture of the tidal waves is very well made. it shows the approach of a storm with the clouds detailed background and the rushed feeling you get to hurry off the beach before the storm approaches.
A beautifully textured water falling down the rocky cliffs as above the nicely detailed structure is a rainbow glowing its colors above the water.
A beautiful sunset above an ocean view landscape. The colors of the sunset glow onto the well detailed texture of the water and trails towards the viewer. The texture of the water hitting the rocks on the right are very well detailed as well.
The texture in the water of this artwork is calm and inviting, it as a set trail down the path that invites you towards the majestic river as tou can see its fine texture even in a steady water such as the one shown here.
The beauty within this artwork is extravagent. The heavenly affect above in the sky's texture that reflects into the water shines remarkably. even the water has some rippled effects in its texture as the deer and ducks enter the waters.
Although this artwork isn't as realistic, it still shows a large amount of texture. the movement within the water flowing down the stream has a lot of action as well.
Credits: All media
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