Tomb of The ceramic soldiers

Ceramic Chinese figures of varying shapes, sizes, and status.

Figure depicting one of many Earth Spirits in Chinese lore. The colors compliment each other in this piece really well making the whole figure seem to come to life.
Ceramic figure depicting outfit typically worn by a man about to be wed. The different designs and unique shapes of the figure give the piece a fun and silly overall appearance.
The Guardian Figure is a Chinese representation of a family guardian that would keep a family safe. This piece has vibrant blue colors and rich golds to bring the piece to life.
A ceramic depiction of a high ranking official. This piece shares its color scheme with many other pieces in the gallery.
A terracotta figure depicting Iuohan who reached Nirvana. This piece is vividly colored to add depth to the textures of the figure.
The Tomb Guardian is a ceramic figure of a Chinese warrior left to guard the tombs of the deceased. This figure has a lot of intricate little details in their armor and face to bring the piece to life.
The Female dancer is a ceramic piece depicting a woman entertainer. The colors in this piece are dull and subtle and add to the overall delicacy of the dancer's form.
Another Guardian made of terra-cotta. Figures would be placed in tombs to guard the family members. This piece has dull colors with a shockingly bright splash in the facial area to make the piece feel lively.
Terracotta figure of an attendant in ancient China. The texture of this piece gives it a simple feel much like the position in Ancient Chinese society it represents.
The Standing Court Lady is a representation of a high ranking woman official in the Emperor's court. The dull colors in this piece compliment the intricate designs of the characters hair and clothing.
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