The Sound Of bY Felicia Dorn

Whether we know it or not everything has a way of speaking. In my gallery I have chosen music to be that voice in these pieces. Music has a way of conveying a vast range of emotions and creating moments in time. Through arrangements or just playing around with it music has a way of bringing you to place of wanting to feel those emotions.

The paint has a vast amount of things going on like the element of value it has as the painting get darker as you travel down the painting. The rhythm it creates with her head piece.
This is more of fun paint that shows that music can drive you crazy. I compare this to being a designer when you have a drive or a passion for what you do it can you crazy but it was worth it.
This piece is straight forward it has depth that you can't help but stare into. The element of instruments creates a balance with the black background that says there is nothing like music.
This piece is just a piece that creates harmony and balance to the exhibit as a whole because this is a more somber piece that shows instruments can come in all forms. You see the texture that makes it pop.
This painting is filled with color that just pop off the canvas. This has a beautiful symmetry to it that balance the texture and the focal point of the piece. The proportion of this brings out the depth and the rich texture it has.
This piece form Korea is a fun rhythm piece with some beautiful lines.The movement of the piece is fun and energetic and youthful. This is a great example of rhythm with its organized movement it has. This is an enjoyable piece to look at and see the rhythm it has.
This a fun element with a Tetradic color scheme that makes this piece whimsical and yet educational. Look at from a producer these are all the element that is needed in a studio setting. This has a unity that work well with each other that creates a fun but fascinating piece.
The rhythm of this piece creates that is beautiful and bold statement. Through color this art bring to life of what music looks like in color and in rhythm. This brings a harmony and repetition to the piece.This is a beautiful piece that you can get lost in.
This has a two fold element to it with its incorporation of instruments and armor. This can be placed in multiple exhibits because of the structor the piece. This has a lot of negative and positive space that complement each other. This is a well balance piece that I incorporated in this exhibit.
The beautiful piece has a lot of texture that brings this piece to life and in a way shows us how an example of how we see how music can come alive. Music another form of expression and this shows the power it carries. This piece translate well and has the Three-dimensional Space. A piece that is captivating and has a vast amount of movement.
Credits: All media
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