Porcelain Beauty

This gallery is dedicated to showing off the beauty represented in porcelain. The vases and pots shown here are beautiful works of art in a physical form that can be handled. Unlike a painting, these aesthetic pieces can be handled and admired from any spacial degree. 

This is a Chinese porcelain vase with a gold trim and handles around the base and neck. The color is mixture of blue and gray forming a nice mix that is complemented by the gold very nicely. The face of the piece is a sort of root-like formation that wraps around the sides of the vase.
This vase is a really interesting piece that belongs in this galLery. The depiction around the vase shows a group of deers roaming a mountainous region covered in snow. The bronze-like handles really add to the aesthetic beauty, adding a flair of color.
A lovely addition to this gallery, this porcelain perfume fountain is just a beautiful piece to look at. Four gold legs hold up the blue and white base while having four gold nozzles on the bottom neck. This piece is one of the best this gallery has to offer for its beauty and complexity.
These two vases belong in this gallery because they have a beautiful pattern around the piece itself while having decorative ram heads as handles. The color combination really works with these pairs and has a nice leafy pattern in the bottom necks to add an extra flair.
This is a really interesting pot because, unlike other porcelain pieces in the gallery, it has a shorter height than what is normally shown. This pot has a while body with decorative gold legs, handles, and lid to go with it.
This perfume vase of one of the most complex pieces in the whole gallery. It's body is a standard sphere with a sort of Eiffel tower looking piece on top. The interesting handle design really show the time and effort put into making this piece really beautiful. The white, gold, and maroon colors really go nice together to create a really nice vase to look at.
This is a really unique vase because it has a larger opening on the top than most of the vases in this gallery. This is another vase where there is gold trimming on the outermost parts of the vase except the body for this particular vase is a deep blue. This piece fits in really nicely because it's aesthetically pleasing while also fitting within the porcelain criteria.
This piece is a nice change of pace from previous submissions in the gallery based on the color and lack of extra aesthetic trinkets. This vase has no handles and is a nice green color unlike other pieces that are covered in gold handles and trimming. The body has a nice floral design that goes nicely with the green color choice.
This vase has a very cylindrical shape that is different from all other vases in this gallery. The main focus of this piece is the image of a set of boats out in the open waters. There is an ombre color scheme going on between the white, green, and blue in the piece.
This vase has a very unique design and seems to be more about the aesthetic side rather than being about practical use. The aesthetic of this piece resembles a wave-like design. The white of the vase, complemented by gold detail, really allows for a nice looking vase that is pleasant to look at.
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