Couples Through the Ages

This gallery includes art showing couples in various eras of art history. As time progressed, couples were portrayed differently: different mediums, colors, and subject matters were used. Nevertheless, the important bond between two people has been an important subject in art since the beginning of time.

Adam and Eve is included in this gallery because of the significance of the first couple ever. I enjoy the copper engraving, a unique medium to use. Albrecht Dürer was a German artist who used many different mediums in his works. He is well-known for his woodcuts and copper engravings. The High Renaissance period included exquisitely-detailed depictions of the human body, as well as religious subject matters, as shown in this engraving.
Mr. And Mrs. Atherton is included in this gallery because of its depiction of a traditional wealthy couple in the 18th century. The contrast in the portrait appeals to me; I love how the darkness of the room highlights the silver from Mrs. Atherton's dress. The painting is very fancy. Arthur Devis was an 18th century portraitist from England. He liked to incorporate landscape in his portraits (in this painting, this aspect is seen in the window in the back of the room). The portrait style of painting is one that portrays a person (or more than one person) as the main subject. Portraits aimed to capture the personality of the subjects. This is a Rococo painting, as shown by its frivolous and carefree depiction of the upper-class.
The Seated Couple is included in this gallery because of the couple's ability to work together in harmony and accomplish their roles in society. I enjoy the intimacy between the couple; the male has his arm around the female, and both seem very content. The simplicity of the sculpture also appeals to me. The Dogon people predominately created sculptures. These sculptures often have underlying religious subjects, since religion is the main theme of Dogon art. The Dogon people were very secretive about their art.
Peddler Couple is included in this gallery because of the fleeting moment of a Korean couple walking with their child. The sweetness and intimacy of the painting appeal to me; I like the portrayal of a family. Kim Jun-guen is a Korean genre painter. She is a commoner; not much about her is known. Korean art can include a variety of subjects and mediums. Paintings were done on silk and tombs, among other surfaces. Some modern Korean painters even used impasto, a western technique. This work is an oriental genre painting. It displays everyday life, such as this family of peddlers.
The Double Portrait of Marie and P.S. Kroyer is included in this gallery because it portrays a real-life couple that lived during the late 19th century. The painting is extremely realistic, and its life-like depiction of Marie and P.S. Kroyer fascinates me. The soft colors and brushstrokes make it an overall beautiful painting. Marie Kroyer, a Danish painter, studied art from a very young age. She gained support from other painters, and visited various art studios at the beginning of her career. After marrying Peter Severin Kroyer, the couple moved to Skagen. Kroyer later became interested in interior design and the Arts and Crafts Movement. She was a member of the Skagen painters, a group of Scandinavian artists influenced by Impressionism, Realism, Naturalism, and Symbolism.
Two Women Embracing is included in this gallery because of its romantic and intimate theme. This subject matter shows the evolution of the portrayal of the traditional couple in art. I believe that it is important that artists like Schiele went beyond what was socially acceptable for his time period in order to depict different sexual orientations. Egon Schiele was an Austrian Expressionist painter. He worked with Gustav Klimt, another important artist of the early 20th century. The modern art movement of Expressionism was categorized by intense emotion, twisted figures, and unconventional brushstrokes.
Untitled (Couple Fighting) is included in this gallery because of the well-known occurrence in any relationship: arguing. Every couple goes through it at some point, and its inclusion in art is an important one. The simplicity of the drawing appeals to me, and the mere addition of details such as crutches and a disability adds much emotion. Bill Traylor was an African-American artist from Alabama. Having been born into slavery, he taught himself how to draw, and created over 1,000 pieces of art in just three years. Traylor did modern art drawings based on rural and urban life, as well as his own experiences. Animal symbolism and abstract forms are present in some of his works.
The Latin American Grand Final is included in this gallery because it features numerous carefree couples dancing, smiling, and enjoying themselves. I enjoy the intense, eye-catching colors used in this painting, and how the color scheme is based on reds, pinks, and purples. John Brack was an Australian painter, who first achieved fame in the 1950s. He was a member of the Antipodeans group. Figurative art, such as this painting, was extremely important to the Antipodeans, a group of modern Australian artists who rejected abstract expressionism.
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