McAndrew 2 Baroque Period

French Baroque art began under the reign of Louis XIV. He founded an art academy and the center of art officially moved to from Rome to Paris. French kings are known for their commission of Baroque art to decorate their palaces with and were often depicted in the paintings and tapestries from that time. French Baroque artwork varied in mediums from canvas all the way to pieces of furniture. Versailles is also known for its manifest Baroque appearance.

I thought that this piece was especially successful at encompassing Baroque values because of the vivid colors that make up the entire painting. The element of drama also exists in Venus's actions and analysis of herself in the mirror.
In David with the Head of Goliath, Vouet exerts quite a few qualities that are characteristic of the Baroque era. The colors of the painting are very exaggerated... The black in the background is very dark compared to the light color of David's skin.. The viewer can also notice the fluid, relaxed position that he is in, it's almost possible to see David complete his motion and hoist his trophy above his head.
I thought that this piece was especially reflective of Baroque characteristics. Unlike Renaissance Art, Baroque pieces are famous for depicting scenes at their highest point, instead of right before they actually happened. This painting is filled with the drama of a good fight, complete with a pleading woman on the far left. Each person is defined by their own distinct character, as determined by either their facial expression or their gestures. The painting also exhibits the Baroque fascination with contrast... The left of the painting is especially dark and black compared to the lighter right side of the canvas.
In The Magdalen with the Smoking Flame, it's possible to see Baroque style in the contrast between the bright flame and the dark room that surrounds the Magdalen. There is also a bit of strangeness in the fact that she is holding a human skull on her lap, and the quiet sadness with which she gazes into the flame almost compels the viewer to feel the same way.
This piece of furniture from Versailles was truly a reflection of Baroque style. It is elaborately decorated with leaves, flowers, and other intricate designs. Its long, thin, somewhat curved legs help to exude the sense of elegance that artists and patrons yearned for.
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