Creative  Recreation

They Bring a old and new style to art.

I was always fascinated with Egyptian art and the history it brought to us today.
This piece reminds me of graffiti which i am most passionate about.I think this type of painting lead most artist into graffiti which I think is a good way of expressing your feelings.
I lilt this painting because it reminds me of jazz music.Most of the type when I hear jazz I think of many shapes moving in exploding different direction.
I believe this picture was inspired from the bible with Mary having the baby and she was a virgin.
Not a lot to this image but I feel that it's very powerful and spiritual and it's trying to give us a message or maybe it's just an image of old indian gear that caught the artist attention.
I picture reminds me of Picasso's painting all blue and bringing sad flow to the art.
I picture was always a mystery to I never knew why that person was screaming but i love the way they painted this picture.
When I look at this picture I can see two people standing right in front of each other the women is on the left and the man is on the right.
This painting was really creative how they put different textures to make the image of a door and a persons face.
i like how they put so much detail in this image it seem like a good decoration for a rug or mattress sheets
I am deeply into abstract art and this picture reminds my of it with the different shapes creating the image of the little boy looking at paper.This picture inspired me to keep working on more abstract art.
I find this image very interesting.the black pot in the picture looks like jaguar attacking what could be an animal but looks like a tree stump.
I like the texture pattern of this picture it reminds of this one from a show I saw with upside down stairs.
I use to be a fan of just black and white art but now I'm more into color and this picture really caught my attention with the multiple different colors.
Out of all the paintings in my gallery this one caught my attention the most.Magnificent texture not to little and not to much color and it's very artistic.It's a great texture for a couch or something to put walls in your house.This image really gives me a warm feeling.
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