ELements of art and design BY Jordan weekes

Honor Code- I have neither given nor received unauthorized air on this work.- Jordan Weekes

In this artwork the fruits that are drawn on the page appear to be forms because the fruits show depth and three dimensions. The oranges that are shown in the bowl, appear to have a smooth texture because of its surface quality. The colors in this picture appear to be very dull in color and the appear to be washed out. Space is shown in around most of the fruits and make the illusion of depth in the artwork.
The white lining on the blanket that is underneath the apples appear to have semi-dark, to light values. The apples, vases, and blankets all appear to have light colors that give off a very relaxing feeling. The lines that are shown in this artwork are shown in the patterns of the blanket. The lines that are shown in this blanket are implied lines.
The values of the platform that the fruits are on vary from calm grays, to more aggressive values such as dark gray. The colors in this picture are mainly emphasized on the fruits that are on the dark gray platform, because the fruits are very vibrant and the colors of the fruits show contrast between the darker and lighter values in the picture.
The fruits that are shown in this art work appear to be more bold and stand out do to their vivid colors. The texture that is seen on the leaves of the plant in this art work can be seen as very prickly and leathery. None of the fruits are shown as geometric shapes in this art work because all of the fruits appear to form. There is lots of negative space in this artwork and it is mainly shown in the background of this artwork, which has a dark value.
The vivid contrast between the flowers and the background is strong due to the light colors that are shown in the flower basket, and the dark background that appears to have a dark value. The texture of the flower basket appears to be woven and smooth as well. The negative space that is in this artwork is also shown in the background. Most objects in this photograph appear to have form, such as the flowers.
Credits: All media
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