Astro Boy

Astro Boy is one of my favourite comic heroes. See how he developed, from it's invention in 1951 to present time.

Astro Boy was invented 1951 by "the God of Comics", the famous Japanese manga writer Tezuka Osamu.
Here's how Tezuka draw the face of Astro Boy in six steps.
Tezuka invented Astro Boy as a "21st-century reverse-Pinocchio, a nearly perfect robot who strove to become more human and emotive and to serve as an interface between man and machine." (Schodt)
He has many super powers. In his legs and arms, he has the ability to fly using jets. He can amplify his hearing up to one thousand times. And - that's my favourite - he has an electro-heart that can discern people's criminal intentions.
He first appeared in a Captain Atom manga.
But he became so famous that he has appeared in animated television shows. This one is from 1963.
I love how, in 1964, they imagined life in 2004.
Today you can visit Astro Boy in the Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum in Takarazuka, Japan.
And as robots get increasilingly more intelligent and useful, the story of Astro Boy hasn't lost it's fascination.
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