Georges- Pierre Seraut

Works by Gerorges Pierre Seraut that show different scenes and different times of day.

Seurat creates this work using the precise, scientific method of Pointillism. This method commonly appears throughout Seurat's works, making his pieces easily identifiable. Here he creates a beautiful landscape of the afternoon that shows a focus on not just the technique of pointillism, but also on light and color.
Seurat here creates a faithful and realistic scene of a harbor. His colors are cool and neutral, creating a crisp and calm environment at the channel. While he does not use the eye catching style of pointillism so much in this work, the brushstrokes of Seurat are extremely identifiable.
While this is the same Channel that was featured in Seurat's last work, the location is different. The shift in day, being that this piece is during the evening, has created a different feel to the work entirely. The colors have become warmer, with reds and browns. The sky has set into a light pink or red that casts over the entire piece and creates a delightful seeming end to the viewers day at the Channel.
In this work, Seurat paints a scene of a camp that sits off the water. He uses colors to create the scene that would compliment that of a warmer period of day, such as afternoon, but then casts an evening shadow overhead, and creates a dusky, "end of the day" feeling.
Seurat here creates a still, calm environment. He allows the viewer to peer into this seen of a private escape during the evening, but not to get too intimate. Seurat has painted a border around this painting that prevents the viewer to invade too much of the privacy of his evening in Honfleur.
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