The Civil Rights Movement

Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights Act in 1957. This was the first act in a long time that took action towards civil rights.
These are marchers in San Fransisco that were marching down the streets and near city hall in support of civil rights
This is a man being dragged out of a sit-in where the COFO was wanting to get voting rights for the blacks.
This is the aftermath of a civil rights riot that ended in a building being burned down.
This is a picket where people would protest places who had unfair employment.
This is another. The pickets usually involved signs.
The Washington March was one of the largest human rights rallies in the world.
This is a protest against the birmingham bombing where a church was bombed on a sunday before church.
This is a picture of people protesting for civil rights in front of the KKK who were very anti civil rights
This is a button people would wear during marches for civil rights. They were worn during The Washington March.
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