My exhibition ‘THE SKYS THE LIMIT’ outlines the different perspectives and views that different artists have on the sky and how they see the world. As the title states the skys the limit and that’s what is represented in these artworks, all the artworks are different as some are black and white, include landscapes, realistic and some have an abstract touch. No two artworks are the same but they all present different points of views of the sky to the audience. This exhibition gives you an insight of the sky through the artist’s eyes, it shows you how different people see the world compared to how you view it.  The different colours and styles used in these artworks can also portray the emotions of the artists e.g. black and white artworks with lots of clouds tell the audience that the artist is in a gloomy mood and in a place where the sun doesn't shine. Even though the artworks are different they all show points and views of the sky to different people all around the world, the sky is viewed by many people in many countries each and every day and that’s what this exhibition’s theme is and what it is all about. The title ‘THE SKYS THE LIMIT’ represents that the sky literally is the limit as it goes on forever and ever and that no one is limited to any boundaries when it comes to their opinions and how they view and see things. 

STRUCTUAL FRAME Symbol- This artwork symbolises that the sky is the limit and that the plane represents that you can always reach your destination in life and get to where you want without boundaries. Colour- As you can see around the plane is a light pallet of colours which symbolises that the plane is the light on your dark path that will get you to where you want.
SUBJECTIVE FRAME This artwork shows bright and happy emotions represented by the colours used; and that we only get to see this type of sky once a day. It shows that there is another side to the world and there is an adventure somewhere waiting to happen that can take us to the limit.
POSTMODERN FRAME Conceptual art- The idea of this artwork is to represent that the sky is limit the sky is brightly coloured compared to the rest of the artwork meaning that you should always go down the lighter path of life and reach the limit.
CULTURAL FRAME This artworks shows that in society today everyone is afraid of doing so instead they dream, as the title states ‘somewhere there must be a future’ but a lot of people just focus on the present and don’t work to push the to the limit and improve their future.
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