Samurai Simulacrum

This gallery is a representation of the dynasties in Asia and the west, and to show a feeling of Anger, Desire, Passion, and Pride, the emotions is what I chose to base my representations of this artwork off of. The reason I chose emotions to represent these Images, sculptures, Tapestries, and other artworks, is to show that these were created through emotion, so I want to display the feelings that I receive when I view this artwork.

The Sculpture here represents the diety(God) Fudo moyo of the Heian period (794-1185) of the 12th century, Choice was based on the color scheme which brings out the emotion of the sculpture.
I chose this drawing because although it is a sketch more or less, it seems to have great shading and depth to it's vision, it shows the horizontal position very appeasing, brings out the actions.
The sculpture here although not much can be said for emotion, I can say that gold was a major part of the cultures in Asia as well as smelting which was prevalent in the timeframe.
Discovered in 1978, this sculpture was decorated with the armor of the Zhou Dynasty in the time of the warring states, which as you can tell the warrior looks more like a farmer.
Beautifully sculpted the Bronze statue of Dai Bouts in 1863 by Felice Beato is crafted uniquely with such detail, and the emotion that is display in my eyes would be contentedness.
From the color to the spacing this decorative doll clothing from the 16th century definitely took many hours to create, and the artist wanted to be original in their art, the work is from Momoyama period
If you look that the design of the inscription at the base of the sword where the handle is, it shows something like a dragon clutching a staff, I looked for the reason behind it, but came up with no luck.
Another one of those art pieces that was beautifully sculpted Tomb, there is a dragon carved into the stone much like ancient Egyptians the Asian culture was big also into carving and painting stone.
Although this was a photo I found the remastered addition gives the character vibrant colors and brings out the definition of the stance as well as the weapon being held in what seems to be at ready.
This mask was just an extra add to my 10 pieces I seemed to like sharing my thoughts about this artwork This is all in gold and was used to create this gold artwork.
Credits: All media
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