The Beauty in all of us

The pieces in this collection capture the spirit humans have had to survive and preservere in new environments and strenuous times. It depicts the beauty behind the struggles we have all faced.

The books on this man represent the key knowledge holds for the existence of humans. It is a key that unlocks doors that lead to a better life for us and an explanation for the world around us.
This painting depicts the stuggle to adapt in new places that has been experienced by many groups of people over time and how humans are able to build a home where there was nothing to begin with.
This piece embodies the vice and sin humans are caable of. The creature coming out of the woman's head is similar to the voices in one's head that can lure one to evil.
The woman staring off in the horizon depicts the hope and aspirations humans hold dear in their hearts. However, due to life circumstances, some people are not able to retain that spirit of hope.
Credits: All media
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