USing Cool Colors to create Atmosphere and Mood

In this piece we can see the use of cool greens and blues to create water, land, and sky.
We can see how cool colors are used the smooth our viewing transitions from the center of the piece to the outside edge.
This artist uses cool colors to create more of a moody atmosphere for the character depicted.
In this painting we can observe cool colors being used from dark to light as the scene unfolds create atmospheric perspective.
This piece uses almost entirely cool colors while creating an almost endless image to the eye.
Although the color scheme used here doesn't vary much, the artist still captures the gloomy affect of the forest using cool colors.
As with most other landscapes, this piece harbors hints of warm colors but still is mostly made up of cool colors to portray this cloudy country.
The use of cool colors in this piece helps to depict the ocean against the lighter contrasted cliffs.
This piece uses mostly warm colors but I chose it because you almost don't notice how important the cool blues are rolling through the valley.
The light blues used in this paintings sky can help us figure out about what time of day this scene might be set in.
Love this piece. I enjoy the use of blues and turquoise in the river and as the snow.
We can see the artist here used cool colors very well to depict this woman and who or what she is all about. The cool colors give her face an almost stern look.
Varying values of blues within the ocean is used to show where the waves are more and less prominent.
Cool colors play very well into this abstract piece highlighting areas of importance like the head dress.
Cool colors are being used in this painting to create a kind of dark forest with a bright blue sky behind it.
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