The Undesirables

I respect it. I just wouldn't put it in my house is all.

The colors are ghostly. The faces are scary. The woman looks like she just saw death. Aren't monks supposed to look nice like Friar John? It looks like straight up Halloween
Bold colors aren't my favorite, but this is a lot. They look kind of disfigured. One girl is green. Is she Elphaba? And at first this looks like a sleepover, but their naked. And they look young. ew.
I really like Van Gogh and his woods scenes, but now the woods are coming out of him! He looks so sad but determined, and I'm worried about him. It's creepy, and I need to know more.
Is this a native american, or a guy on fire? Why is he so angry? Why is he yelling at this nice horse? He needs to calm down, and talk things out, not take it out on the horse.
I don't really like genre scenes. There's too much going on. I also don't like massacres, and if there is violence, don't make it among innocent people. This is sad, and atrocities are everywhere...
This had the potential to be really pretty. Nice woods, somewhat proportional/clothed body, and then you get to the face. Why does it look like that?! She looks like she is going to murder someone.
Blechhhh. That was me puking. It is disgusting. I understand anatomy, but it looks like a lizard. And I understand nonviolence, but this is kind of disrespectful. So yeah, undesirable.
So much is wrong. Ugly colors. No perspective. It had so much potential. Still lifes don't have to be so dull. Just add some pretty flowers, and it could have been great.
I'm a fan of Kirchner, and I feel like this probs has some great meaning, but it's just so ugly. Why is the girl green, when the person behind her is a regular skin tone. Consistency is key.
For some reason, it just makes me uncomfortable. Wittich is just eating sushi, and that's it. Is it the colors? The concept? The deformed thing that you could call a flower or blood stain? Who knows?
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