Harmony within animals  ED

The form of harmony I chose was harmony within animals. The reason I think these art pieces  were chosen to be in the art gallery because it shows how peaceful animals are in their natural habitat. It also expresses how beautiful and interesting animals can be. Most of the art pieces I chose show animals in nature or in their natural habitat. Some of the other art pieces I chose are just animals by themselves and some are in big groups of other animals or animals in groups of their own kind.

I chose this piece to be in my gallery because I think it shows each animal peacefully in nature.
I like this piece because it shows the tiger peacefully lounging,about to jump up.
I like how it looks like the rabbit hasn't moved in a long time because it's so preoccupied with something.
Just as it says in the title I like how the animals are out in nature in a landscape.
I chose this one because I think that this one really relates to animals in peace in nature
I like this one because the way it was made it actually looks so peaceful and I can almost hear the stream in the back. The animals look really chill.
I like the darks and lights in this one and how they are going along doing their thing just eating grass off the landscape.
In this art piece I actually like how the animals are crowded together and how your eyes travel through the painting because there is so much happening.
I like this one because I like how the animals are kind of looking off of the hill into the distance enjoying life.
I like this one because you would think the animals would be against each other but they are peaceful and still next to each other.
I chose this piece to be in my gallery because I love how each corner you look at there is something there to look at and it has a nice flow of how the animal are placed.
Credits: All media
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