Nate Duvall

Color Schemes

This is an example of a warm color scheme because the colors yellow, red, and a bit of orange. I felt that the mood was love,because red can be used as love and since its the "Angels Trumpet".
This is example of a cool color scheme. There is so much green and blue in this picture. This picture gives you a lot of moods like peace. I thought this could be like a picture in the morning.
This is a monchromatic color scheme. There are so many different tints and shades in this picture. The picture has like 3-4 different kinds of tints at different areas of the boots. The mood is alone because some people like being alone.
This image is an example of primary triadic because it has all three primary colors; red,blue and yellow. The mood I get from this picture is an average life like having a job.
Complementary colors. Royal blue and orange are identified in the image. Blue being the sky and orange being the stars and moon. I have always liked this picture and i have never realized until i learned about color schemes.
This image is an example of analogous colors because yellow and green are together on the color wheel and so is orange and red. This is an interesting picture. The mood for me is this women had to be special.
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