Basic freedoms

Our umbrella topic is freedom of speech. Everyone has freedom of speech but it has restrictions. 

Dana's article is about freedom of speech because its about an asian band and they want to be named the slants because of their eyes. People thought that was offensive but turns out they can be named that because they have freedom of speech. The painting represents someone screaming for freedom of speech.
Lizet's article is about a protest that got out of hand. People were fighting for their freedom of speech, but they went to far using violence. You can have freedom of speech but with restrictions. This art piece reperesents people fighting for their freedom of speech.
Dana's article is represented by the rabbit holding the red balloon. The balloon is going up because the rabbit is using it's freedom in a right way and it is working. Lizet's article is represented by the blue balloon going down, because my protest went wrong as they used violence to get what they wanted.
You have the right to protest as long ad it doesn't affect other people. Lizet's article affected other people because the protesters threw rocks and bottles to prove their point. The wall represents limits, if you step over the wall you are going to far with the protest.
Dana's article was done right because they took the matter to court and resolved it in a peaceful manner. This is a peace rabbit that represents peace.
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