Artifacts of the han dynasty

How was the Han Dynasty a Golden Age? How was the Han Dynasty a product of cultural diffusion?

This oval shaped silver box is uncovered in the "foot box" of the Nanyue King. The design and craftsmanship were distinctive of the ancient Persians. Archeologists believe the silver box was shipped to China. After it was shipped to China, craftsmen welded buttons on the lid, and added foot ring on the bottom, which are distinctive features of Han silverware.
The vessel was used for the heating and pouring of wine. The handle rises from the backs of two partial lion figures. Incised lines indicate the eyes and feathers of the bird. Although here attributed to the Han dynasty, certain aspects of the vessels form (most notably the lions) suggest a later date, perhaps to the Tang dynasty, when lion forms were frequently borrowed from Central Asian traditions.
The medicine has a dark grey color and a fluffy texture, it is probably Chinese herbs. Besides the medicine of the multi-colored stones, two set of grinding tools, made of bronze and iron separately, are found. Their shape are very similar to that of nowadays grinding tools in Chinese drug stores.
4385 ink pellets are uncovered in the tomb. They have a slightly reddish black color and a smooth texture. Three sets of ink slab were found in the antechamber. The smoothly polished stone surface had red and black ink stains. They were found the same of the ink used to decorate the walls in the antechamber.
There are eight peach-shaped gold plates in total. They are originally embellishments on a piece of cloth that covers the deceased king's face. The piece of cloth has rotted off but the gold plates are preserved. The gold plates are adorned with patterns of goats with sharp horns. They are clearly influenced by the culture of the nomadic tribes.
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