The creatures in our neighborhood - Nico Durham

The gallery includes representation of monsters, creatures, or any mythological figures that are displayed in urban or city environments. I am looking to any medium to represent the theme, from sculptures, paintings, and even street art. The monsters in the urban environment illustrates the idea that their are other beings that lurk in the shadows. 

The light of the figure allows the scenery to pop out. It is in direct contrast of the dark alleyway. The texture of the seems ruff. The red marks on the skin help define the muscles using line. The space is very close and confined when seen through the alleyways.
The colors are dull with slight bright hue. The devil is the ultimate mythical creature. The devil no matter the representation is usually depicted in the urban environment. The picture has unity and space. The sons being offered to the devil is equal distance between each other. The devil's out stretched arms enticing the victims provide great movement it conveys that the young kids will actually go with him.
The pink color entices you to move closer. The lines and shapes are curved. The monster on the wall is friendly but unknown. The texture seems smooth to the touch but it could be dangerous that is the enticing aspect of the piece. The red eye could have menace or joyous overtones but creates balance.
The green and blue colors shine and illuminate the street. The rhino is a strong figure and the image of the city on its back shows strength. The city is strong and powerful. the painting is painted in way that shows that rhino could stomp through the city streets at any moment.
The cave of the cyclops. The representation of Odyssesus trials. The cyclops painted next to spiderman conveys the similarities between Greek culture and modern day superheroes. The colors are dark blue and grey, the contrasts the blue and red of Spiderman's costume. The beast open hand suggest willingness to conform.
The pursuit of of nothing is what I believe drives the painting. Each animal dashes toward something, not because they can but it is their will.The will and fire to survive in every creature. The red orb on the rabbits face draws you to the painting. It representation can be dark and off putting but the texture is smooth and welcoming.
The painting has the dark vibrant colors that bring the story to life. The painting is the representation of mans fear of nature taking the world back. Godzilla did the same thing now his powers are given to a creature that we see everyday. The lines are sharp to indicate power and edgy nature of the painting.
There is nothing more mythical than a dragon. The dragon stands over watch over cities and sky. The light colors illuminate the bright side of the creature. The painting texture looks pencil drawn. the lines are straight with triangular and circular form. The repetition is demonstrated in the strokes of the dragons wings. Downward and angular.
There is movement to the piece I can see the sculpture shifting through time periods. The sculpture represents the law of nature prevailing over man. The texture smooths from the silver ends. Then the arms are rough that resembles wood. The form and shape is circular, it contrast the cycle nature has for taken back life.
The monster is the unknown. The cave represents the uncertainty of sea. The blue, brown, and green are in unity with each other. The texture is believable the water depicted seem full of life and wet. The rocks emerging from the water look realistic and jagged The lines are are well detailed and angular.
Credits: All media
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