Horses in art

My collection is going to be about horses, people riding them and any sort of way that horses are involved in art.
I find this sculpture very interesting and creative, a lot of effort would of been put into this and it has great detail. I like the way that this sculpture is quite odd because horses tails arent that short and their legs arent that long. It gives me a different side of things and makes me feel creative.
This is a picture to show most horses live styles their home, living in a stable. This horse looks somewhat down. If you compare this to other horses life styles its not as good which is the same with humans. You culd compare someone lving in a luxury house compared to on the street.
This piece of artwork shows that not everyone and everything gets along. This artwork makes me feel sad and feel the horses pain. It has so much detail it is as you can feel the horses pain
This sculpture to me shows how people use horses as transport and to go into wars, as many horses end up getting killed. So to me this makes me feel down. I think this is bit cruel as the horses have no choice.
This is a beautiful horse it looks somewhat lonely but captivates my eye. Everything about this artwork looks so realistic. This makes me happy happy and joyful.
This tile is very creative and looks cool as the colours are effective. It looks interesting but has no strong feeling.
I find this is a very nice and peaceful image it also makes me feel this way. I really like it and the matt finish is nice.
This painting shows me that there is crulty. People choose to do thingsto kill animals and make there own animals fight to see whos stronger to kill others even though they dont have to or for enjoyment.
This is a very loving sort of painting. Its nice and calming which is how it makes me feel. It shows love and caring and it has a very pleasent backround.
I enjoy this artwork because its not complicated or over the top with different colours. It makes me feel calm.
This artwork shows cooparation to me because horses are huddeling together to get warm. I find this comforting because animals are helping each other to be safe and comfotable.
I choose this because it is a jewelry box and it has two unusual horses on it. The box has lovely detailed patterns engraved in to it which is gorgeous.
I like how this stone has two beautiful horses engraved into it. I feel this has no feeling to it because I find feelings in paintings with colours and details not so much stone.
This painting is a study of horses,someone experimenting. I think this turned out really well and it makes me have mixed emotions with the curvy lines.The way the artist made this artwork gives it a rough feeling with the browns anf the way he painted it.
I fell in love with this piece of artwork because its so simple but yet so charming. The colours contrast so well black and white, which to me captures my eye. This is definitly my favourite.
I chose this piece of artwork because it looks like a really great scene, a peaceful village . It is very colourful and I feel it has a lot of meaning.
To me this artwork captured my eye because horses have feelings aswell, horses can be left out or lonely. I think the artist created a sad affect with the colours (dullish)
I really like this artwork the shadow affect is amazing. The shading really captivates my eye. It gives me a spooky sort of feeling.
This piece of artwork shows that not everyone agrees on things. It has a strong sad and hurt feeling that two creatures can not be at peace.
This drawing shows some what sadness because animals are forced to do things which is not pleasent. So this makes me feel sad.
This is a different view of horses, set in a different sort of scene that is why I choose it.This is unusual and makes me wonder.
This piece of artwork shows bonding, how nice it is when animals get along. I really love it, and it makes me pleased.
I really love this artwork it looks like a really happy and friendly family and makes me feel that way .. I love how this colourful painting shows lots of feelings.
This is a lovely picture of horses having a relaxing time so this is how it makes me feel (relaxed0. It also has a really nice setting.