The lines in the painting outline many shapes and make an abstract looking face. The different line widths also hilight certain forms in the picture.
The break down the center of the painting make a vertical line and draw the eye back, or forward, depending on how the veiwer looks at it. The contour lines also made the angels in the background look three dimensional.
The lines in the snow let light show through the picture and accent the bright, wintery scene.
The contour lines that outline the buildings make them have the illusion of depth. The horizon line draws the eye back and makes the space seem neverending.
The slanted yet vertical lines that shape the mountain draw the veiwer to the upper portion of the painting. The lines also make the contrast between the mountain and sky very clear and sharp.
The straight lines overlapping, all in different widths and colors, make this piece very bright and visually entertaining. The math is also oriented very mathmatically and straight, with right angles.
The very bold and distinct horizon line is the domininant line in this painting and completes the landscape by clearly dividing the sky and ground.
The mix of straight and jagged lines are very evident in this peice. The differently colored outline lines are also very visible.
Ther is an implied, almost zig-zag line coming down from the mountains to the center of the water. There is also an upward implied line on the center cliff.
The lines are oriented in a calcuated but very expressive way; they make the peice seem colorful and random, yet they are specifically arranged to mimic a landscape.
There is an implied line that slopes downward, this implied line is strengthened by the orientation of the floorboards and the lines and angle of the bed.
The random lines in gray area make the picture have texture,and the bold outlines of the different shaded regions add depth.
Credits: All media
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