1st Semester Inspirations

The skull attracted me and the neutral colors .
The random complementary color scheme and strokes used is interesting.
The fishes caught my attention and the detail added in them .
The writing is interesting and how the flow of the writing is caused by the strokes.
The arrangement of the silloetes makes you wonder what is going on and even though it is a siloette you can see individual charaters.
The compositional lines make you look around the whole artwork and leads the eye.
The color are what make you look at the main subject which is the dog. It is dark around the dog but the light is focused on it making you look at it.
The way the artist has angled the camera has created a compositional line that the viewer also looks forward like the subject.
The media is interesting and how there are two things going on.
The subject is interesting and it is good how the artist has used most of the space.
The way the artist has abstracted is visually interesting and creative whit overlap
The way the artist has used the paint is interesting since it makes the drawing seem shaky and the city looks destroyed.
The variation of lines created a detailed artwork and makes it almost realistic.
The color scheme caught my eye since the are neon like and propocative.
It is interesting how the sculptor built the shark, the medium.
The subject interested me since the budha is a great symbol for many.
The composition is good since the deer is centered due to the way the hole is trapping it and how the light is shining down on it.
The way the artist has capture the wind has created an athmosphere of cold and hazzardous.
The color scheme is interesting since the are anagalous and create calmness .
The way the artist has arranged the objects makes it seem as Ive you are staring forward but also sideways.
The color scheme is what principally got my attention because it id bright and contrasting. I t makes the artwork seem odd.
The subject and arrangement is interesting because it creates a unusual setting and interesting story.
The lines are interesting because they fill the composition and are random pattern.
The medium is interesting because the sculpture was most likely very difficult and carefully made .
The color scheme is interesting because it turned the objects more interesting to look at ; the color seem dark and green-brown like.
The medium is interesting because he has made his color scheme dark while adding those odd blue washed out parts on the top.
The subject is amusing and the artist has made the painting look realistic.
The color scheme is atractive and the abstraction of the objects makes it visually interesting to look at.
The way the artist has arranged the objects to create the tree is creative and the oil brush marks make it seem like they aren't so.
The pattern is random and repeated the color is exactly what it is titled contrast because they are mostly complemantary.
He makes the lines smooth and flowing across his artwork and has created symbolic flows.
The buildings with the use of the media makes it look washed out and destroyed ruined .
The artwork almost doesn't seem realistic because nevertheless the media and the way its captured to create a straightforward perspective.
The subject is interesting because it is familiar and it is is somehow mysterious.
The perspective cages the attention because the coffee shop looks more visually interesting and creates a mysterious setting.
The color, perspective, subject all create a dark scary setting.
The artwork is a profile of a person but it is filled with different things it reminds me of the project weve done before.
The media is interesting because it seems almost collage like and the brush work is messy which makes the artwork look provocative.
The black and white create a melancholy athmosphere that gives a story.