Elements of art and design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work - Courtney Connell

This drawing contains many different types of lines. Some of the lines are curved and others are straight. At some points the curved and straight lines are intersecting which helps makes up different shapes within the men's capes.
In this painting the artist was able to make it look like some shapes were trapped within others. Although this painting is flat it looks like the shapes are 3 dimensional. All of the main shapes in this painting are squares but the shapes within them are other various shapes
Just about every level of value is shown in this picture. The darkest level would be to the left of the man, the lightest level would be on his shirt. The shadows on his face would be closer to the lighter levels and his jacket would be closer to the darker levels.
Even though this is a painting it still has texture. It is called stimulated texture because we can see it has texture without even touching it. The texture of the vehicle itself looks like if I were to touch it, it would be fuzzy but it would have a scratchy or itchy feel to it. The medal parts of the vehicle would feel very slick and glossy. If I were to touch the ground I think it would feel like I was touching very knotted hair.
This sculpture has a very odd form. It curves over and the other piece of it actually looks like it curved over so much that the top of it fell off. This sculpture contains another form within it. The pink or coral colored object within it follows the same path of the whole sculpture but putting this part within the sculpture makes it look a bit more appealing and fun to look at.
The way this photo was taken gives us a very different perspective of the space in this room. By taking the picture from this angle it makes it look like the room is more crammed and has much less space then if you were actually standing in it. The lens or affect this person used also makes the room look round instead of its true shape, this adds to how small the room appears to be.
This picture appears to have just about every color but really it has a couple of different colors just different variations of each are used. The colors look as if they are making up flowers because of the way they are mixed together. Also the colors that were used were very bright and vibrant so it makes the painting look very upbeat and fun.
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