Hamburger Cows In the sky

This gallery will include wall art, and just artworks on canvases. However, i chose the artworks that are in this gallery because of the unique designs, and they all caught my eye. 

I decided to choose this piece of artwork because the theme of the wall art fascinates me.
This was chosen because I dream of having a room like this and, it is unique, and different then other paintings that people put on walls.
This sculpture (?) is a favorite to me because of all the designs put into this.
I chose this piece because, of the way it looks to me. It looks like the little houses are tilted or slanted of some sort and it makes it eye catching to me.
I also chose this one too because of the way the houses look and how it makes the artwork look. And it allows me to make up a story of what happened in the piece without looking at the description.
This one is mysterious to me and eye-catching and it makes me want to read the description to find out what this is about.
this is in my gallery because wall art has always been a favorite of mine.
Also, this was chosen because of the details and the theme.
This was chosen because of the fact that its a mural. Also, because it reminds me somewhat of Mardi Gras.
I wanted to add this wall art because, it is interesting.
Credits: All media
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