Berfin Beşiroğlu

Arcimboldi here presents us a great example of Mannerism where he combines human and nature by an excessive distortion creating a relationship, which I liked at the most.
This great example of Romanticism movement gives us an illusion of depth rather than illustrating a landscape merely; it is mostly strengthening the notion of lanscape.
This Post-Impressionist painting is also an example of Pointillism, which is the reason why I found it attractive. The light is achieved by little dots; in other words, dots are the color of the painting.
This is an example for Baroque period. The darkness of the painting and intense emotions -which is now necessary because of the victim issue painted- are the elements that make the painting special. The dramatic moment and the emotions creates tension there.
This painting by Juan Gris is an example of the movement, Cubism which is led by Pablo Picasso. Being different than the styles before, this painting represents the objects broken and from a different viewpoint.
Not being fully sure and illuminated about the difference between Renaissance and High Renaissance paintings, I assume this is an example of High Renaissance paintings.
This Expressionist painting, just like The Scream by -again- Munch presents an exaggerated emotions, and even the distorted ones by means of intense colors with brushstrokes.
This is an example of Neoclassical paintings. It was a reaction to Baroque style, and derived from classic Greek and Roman art. Depicting the death of Socrates, the painting "serves a political purpose," which is what I like about it.
Baroque period
Another Mannerist painting
This is an example of Impressionism by Monet among many of other Impressionist paintings in The Musée d'Orsay. The colorful rythm in the painting is the greatest aspect, I believe.
This example of Realism movement is one of my favorites, and luckily I had a chance to see it alive. In addition to the cold colors, the ordinary actions compared to the religious or mythical or heroic ones are what is appealing to me.
This painting by Frida Kahlo is a good example of Surrealism. Although Salvador Dali is my favorite Surrealist painter, I like the bright colors she used while representing her most tragic memories in such a surrealistic way.
When the subject is Pop-Art, the very first one who comes to my mind (and probably to many people's mind) is Andy Warhol. As an American Culture and Literature student, the depiction of Uncle Sam drew my attention at the first. Also, the idea is brilliant since Uncle Sam is a figure in popular culture just like Pele who is used in another artwork of Warhol.
This is an example of Abstract Expressionism like we studied before (Kandinsky). The created feeling by strong colors and simple shapes are quite eye-catching.