Lord of the flies by William Golding 


EPIGRAPH '' I'm just a human trying to make it in a world that is rapidly losing its understanding of being human.'' - John Trudell I chose this quotation because it encompases the theme of the story.
UNIVERSAL THEME The theme for this story is the loss of humanity. Throughout the book, the boys regard the lack of rules as fun. But as time progresses, they start to lose themselves in the wild and become more like violent animals and less like people.
TONE The tone in the book is one of complete disregard, and slight mystery from the constant question of the beast. The raw way in which the author describes the characters' actions also creates a feeling of reprimand and helplessness from the readers.
HISTORICAL SETTING The time period for this book is World War 2. Since England is being bombed, a plane of evacuee students is sent away. It ends up crashing, which starts the plot of the story.
I chose this piece of artwork to represent the book, because it is a pig. In the story, the boys get caught up with the idea of catching a pig and they go crazy. The first violent act they commit is when they role-play a hunt, and they hurt the kid that was playing the pig.
I chose this artwork to represent the book, because it symbolizes the beast. Throughout the story, rumors and sightings about a snake-like beast circulate around the camp. While the characters believe that the monster is real, it is obvious that the beast is in their head. It is a manifestation of their blood-lust and gradual shift from humanity.
DAY IN LIFE The conch represents Ralph because it is the symbol of his leadership among the boys. He used the shell to bring all the boys together and they view it as a precious item that only falls in the hands of those worthy to lead. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ocws4C7Ay2dl4a_P4_ywaGI3OlhVBZyxiNYf5RGMcWg
I chose this to represent Ralph because it shows the conflict he faces both externally and internally. As the boys become more and more savage, he struggles to maintain the fragile peace and order among themselves. As he tries to keep their civilization intact, he must also battle with the dark urges the island seems to bestow upon those who arrive. https://drive.google.com/a/ccpsnet.net/file/d/0B5qqcjA6RLYzcE13c1VJUFgwUzA/view?usp=sharing
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