women are from venus, men are from mars                     by erica munoz

This gallery is a representation of Venus, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and her lover, the god of War, Mars. Each piece that I chose shows the closeness between Venus and Mars. They are shown embracing and holding one another many times. I named the gallery after the old saying, "Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. I feel like their love is so strong yet they are on the opposite spectrum. She is love where he is war but love conquers all.

This work of art is the birth of Venus. She is a beautiful figure in the center of the painting with her hair gently blowing in the wind. Her maid to the left is patiently waiting for her to come closer so she can dress her. This painting is one of the world's most famous and appreciated. It was painted by Sandro Botticelli between 1482 and 1485.
This piece is rich in color and beautifully painted. The photo is very simple with no deeply rooted meaning behind it. Cupid is is hung around Venus' leg trying to tie her to Mars. It is a symbol of unification between them. By Cupid doing this, he is calming the beast in Mars and giving him the feeling of harmony and goodwill. The scene shows Mars indeed very close and connected with Venus.
Inside this painting is Mars, Venus, Cupid and the dog. Once again, Venus is the center of attention and is being carefully taken care of and undressed by Mars. The playful cupid reaches up for Venus while playing with the dog on the floor. This work of art is showing the underlying love had over war.
This is a tabletop sculpture that is made of bronze. Venus is completely naked, draped over the god of war. They are entwined in a loving embrace that shows their love for one another. The piece made for the viewer to walk around. The complex form shows a powerful form from all views. The maker of this bronze piece is showing his audience the the tender embrace of opposites.
This is an oil painting of Venus and Cupid. She is waking and trying to cover herself with one hand while turning back to see Cupid standing on the bed with a mirror trying to show her herself. Cupid has laid down his bow and arrows to pick up the mirror. He is meant to depict the baby of Venus and Mars but is shown with the muscles of a little man. He is known as the god of desire, erotic love and affection.
This painting is deeply rooted in the mix of love and war. Venus embraces her god of war and starts to remove his helmet. Mars is deeply transfixed by her gaze while weapons and fires continue in the background. This work is made for the viewer to see that love can only conquer war temporarily.
In this wonderful harmonious space outside, french painter Poussin, shows Mars entrapped by Venus. As they sit closely, the little cupids are finding various weapons of Mars to play with. The author of the painting is attempting to show his viewers the allegory of the triumph of love over war. It is a beautiful scenery of rich and vibrant colors.
Mars sits lost with a shield and sword at his feet , his attention apparently drawn to Venus. Behind him, the battle rages on. Cupid is flying past Mars head with a heart in his hand that represents a two-lobed affair and is ready to push an arrow through it. The green curtain behind Cupid is being pulled back by his tiny little feet.
Two white doves sit at the feet of Mars and Venus' bedside. They represent the lovers' bliss and symbolize peace. A sleeping Venus captivates the Roman god of war as he pulls back the lush green curtains to get a better view of her. In this picture, the painter wants the viewer to see how Venus' love has calmed a fierce Mars as his shield and sword lie abandon under the two doves.
Mars and Venus stand partially covered in Buckingham Palace. The full length sculpture is made of marble and shows the notorious romantic couple embraced once again together. Venus is loving held on to the god of war that holds his spear and wears his helmet. It really shows the contrast between the two of them and how their opposites are still attracted to one another. Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars but love can conquer all.
Credits: All media
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