Themes/Motifs of the Book thief off of Artisitcal Paintings

This gallery holds seven pictures that I thought had a good connection to "The Book Thief". In this book, there is a lot of death. But with all the events that happens people can have a hard time making a mental picture of the scenes. The pictures I have on here are from this website. The seven images represent a different part of the book which I related to the text of the book. Some of the pictures are around the World War II times, relating to to book more than most. But others are from the earlier times or maybe 20 years ahead. But they all have the same point. Artwork connecting the scenes of The Book Thief.

In the book death describes his works. He explains how he is always somewhere and never can take a day off. So I chose this picture as death standing in the middle of a war field, doing his job.
This reminds me of the description of the town after the bombing/ air raids that killed many people. " in the space of a few minutes, all of them were gone. A church was chopped down".
This picture has a strong meaning.I look at it as someone helping another person in a time of need.As Hans helped Max during Nazis Germany, or when Hans gave a jew some bread to eat. Sacrfice himself.
This takes me to the setting when it was Hitler's birthday.They stacked up books and things agaisnt the Nazis and burned it with joy. Meanwhile people suffered who had a love for difference and peace.
This gives me a good image of the air raids that Liesel and the others had to go through.Air planes flying over the horizon and a matter of minutes before being bombed.The feeling of having no control
The theme of Himmel Street.Kids all around playing games of soccer. This is a good view of how things were. Just imagine the everyday people walking through it. And the buildings surrounding the game.
The elusiveness and stealthiness Rudy and Liesel thought they had when they stole things.This is like rudy and Liesel running after stealing the apples.Shadows behind them for the dark things to come.
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