Renaissance women

Women during the Renaissance era were lead by men. The women had to obey their husbands, be classy, and take care of home. Unmarried women could not live alone. They had to live in a convent and become a nun.

This portrait was painted by Albrecht Durer. This portrait was created with oil on wood. I chose this portrait because it showed how classy the women were doing the Renaissance period.
This portrait was created on oil panel by Pontormo. The lady in the photo is Maria Salviati, the wife of a military leader. I chose this photo because she appears to be a nurturer.
This painting was created by Angelica Kauffman on oil canvas. The photo represents leadership. The wife is on the far right letting her husband take lead as she sits peacefully by his side.
This portrait was created by Giorgione & was done with oil on canvas. This portrait represents to me the beauty of a woman. It also reflects how women were supposed to be soft & pure.
This portrait was created by Hans Memling with oil on panel. The unmarried women during the Renaissance era were sent to a convent to become nuns. Her dress appears to be that of nun.
This oil painting was created by Johannes Vermeer. The painting symbolizes balance. Looking at the items on the table tells me how chaotic things are in her life, but she handles it all with grace.
This painting was created by Pieter de Hooch with oil on canvas. The photo depicts two women taking care of their house duties. One is spinning material while the other is caring what may be water.
This portrait was created by G. M. Crespi with oil on canvas. The mask represents someone who has to cover up their sadness because women were not treated as equals. She felt free in this painting.
This painting by Jan Havicksz. The painting shows how women took care of each other when they were sick. There body language shows sincerity. This is everything a Renaissance women was at that time.
This painting by Giovan Battista Salvi represents peace and tranquility. She appears to be taken direction from someone and she is doing it with grace. Which, grace was a part of a woman's character.
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