As an avid bodybuilder, I find the male body as the canvas. A big, defined, symmetrical body is what I aim for, and also what I find appealing. These few works are of the art of the muscular male.

In this small statue you see an abstract person lifting weights. Not exactly a representational view like the other works, but it shows the sport of powerlifting.
Here we see a damaged statue, but you can see the aesthetics of this athlete, and you can almost imagine the rest of his body just as tight and toned as the present.
A much more slender, yet very appealing body.
A more complete aesthetic athlete than the previous. obviously, a more representational view.
A change in material used with this work shows a much bigger athletic build.
As one of my favorites in this gallery, this is the first work that we see an representational athlete performing a task. Obviously, not your typical sporting event.
One of my favorite pieces. Extremely ripped physique.
Saved the best for last. I saved this one as the last one. simply because, its the biggest most aesthetic statue we have seen yet.
Credits: All media
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