Jessica's google art project

I like how dark and mysterious the landscape view shows. The scenery looks natural and at the same time it interprets that a bad event is going to occur.
The jar look simple and maybe boring to look. It looks unique to me because it looks like it had been an antique from the medieval era.
These small drums look majestic because it had the gold details. Somehow this piece could be an antique, somewhere from an ancient kingdom.
The black long dress caught my eye. She didn't show her full face but that is what makes her special and elegant.
This type of landscape is seperated by the window structure and looking from this point of lens, it's very interesting that the color of waterfall matches with the leafs of autumn.
The details such as the waves is what interest me. The tiny details such as the soldiers with the red suit caught my attention but they are probably busy with their own business.
This Koi is very colorful as it complements the blooming flowers (maybe the sakura). Again, the lens was shaped in circle which makes it limited to see the details
This seems to be a girls night, having cocktails of their own. Maybe this could be a gathering that they haven't been doing for awhile
I have always been a fan of drawing flowers and this seems to be one of my favorites, as it shows the back detail and not the front which is quite unusual
Out of all, this snake looking jug is my favorite. This is a very smart idea of representing a snake and this is out of ordinary. A splendid piece to remember!
Credits: All media
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