The color or lack of...

Some people see black as the lack of color and some see it as all colors. I was always told it only makes pictures flat and dull but I think is can do so much more.....

The black makes focus directly on the baby, there is no mistaking that that's the main focal point.
I feel as that the black amplifies the sense of dependence the baby has to its mother almost like its saying at that point in your life thats all you have .
The black in this picture makes me think this guy is thinking and he's lost in his own thoughts almost.
The use of black here set a bit of a hopeless tone to the picture. Showing that these people on the boat are at the mercy of the sea with no hope in sight.
This picture seems really peaceful its dark but it isn't like a spooky feeling that i get but more of a peaceful view that you take before heading to bed or a view you see to help relax and unwind after a long day.
The black sets ** a sense of danger and power like the sea has full control over everything thats going on. It's like it gives the sea a life of its own as if its a person toying with the fishermen.
The black adds a bit of suspense and maybe even a little of an uneasy feeling
The black add a feeling of calm as though the day is slowly building . Like the energy and excitement of the day is just starting to seep through.
The Black intensifies the lurking feeling i get from the lion it also make it look more sinister and helps you to understand the reaction of the horse.
The black here does two things it sort of spot lights the important figures in the picture as well as sets the tone seeing as this picture is called 'Night Watch'.
I get a sense of evil and struggle when i look at this picture . If there was a bright day background i wouldn't think 'Satan, Sin Death' but more of a holy battle where good triumphs over evil . Evil seem to be the victor here.
The black abyss gives me the feeling of uncertainty and i understand this is like a judgment day type picture where you go to heaven or hell but still i get that feeling instead of punishment for some reason i don't really know why though.
The black seems to amplify the beauty of the lily it gives you a chance to see every detail where as if there were things in the background it will take away some of your focus .
I think the black is used to frame this work it almost looks as though they are trying to make it look like you are looking out of some type of window at a group of people.
This picture look very dramatic thanks to the blacked out background which also amplifies the sense of helplessness for the man seeing there is no one around to help him or hear his screams. I can almost feel his struggle.
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