Art que je trouve interessantes-  french for "art that i find interesting"

This piece of work caught my attention by offering the questions of where is here, why is here abandoned, why does the owner or caretaker of the structure want graffiti painted on their wall, did anyone ever live in the dwelling, and what will come of this property? This picture gives me the feeling of what is like to be wasting away but with the hope becoming something better with the help or guidance of someone willing to take the time and investment.
While not a painting of a trail nor of the Appalachian Trail, this painting reminds me of the time that I have spent on the Appalachian Trail which gave me the experience of why trails are sometimes referred to as "green tunnels". Looking at this painting, my vision is guided through the vegetation like tunnel and is focused beyond the pond or creek onto the mountains in the distance as if they were a goal to be reached.
Apparently no one is happy for this couple to be wed. Not a single face in this piece has and expression of happiness. Could this be arranged or shotgun wedding? There is gossiping in the crowd in the background while some heads hang low which both signal to me that this marriage may be for reasons that does not include love. Even the children have a look of concern and sadness. The bride looks to the groom as if in question and for reassurance that something good will come of this union. the groom, emotionless, looks into the distance as if more concerned about the possible materialistic gains of this wedding.
Say aaaaaaaahhhhhh... you're about to drive through a mouth. A sense of humor must have pushed the artist to paint the eyes on the over pass. The eyes are friendly eyes making the drive through seem to be more inviting than if the eyes looked alien like or demonic. The eye on our (the viewers) left has more detail the eye on the right. This is a funny work of art, which I hope is not removed due to complaints nor classification of graffiti.
This statue strikes me as a warrior who is in meditation before a battle. Even though the eyes are open, they are as if in deep concentration and devotion to what events lay ahead. There is even a slight smile and look of content on the face as if overly confident that the up coming objectives are all but to easy to accomplish.
There is a great deal of sadness in this man's face. The extreme slope of his brows seem to heighten the sense of sadness. Even though he has a full beard, a frown can be seen through it, creating even more depression. While tis work is a mask, who would wear such as sad expression and why? I'm not sure if the hair cloth signifies anything or not, but he could be representing a defeated soldier.
The Blind Singer expresses to me what being blind may be like. I get a sense of loneliness in a vast emptiness and darkness with no one there to help or understand the life of being blind. The only guidance and reassurance that this old man might have is his singing voice and those that hear it, if anyone does at all.
The first though of this Royal Gemstone was the Arabic writing in Baghdad and elsewhere in the Middle East. The second thought was of the movie "The Return to Oz" and the game of guessing the objects towards the end of the movie where all of the emeralds were the correct choice. This is a very good looking gemstone, very deep with transparency.
I have heard stories about people traveling to take pictures of and with the Bluebonnets blooming in Texas. This scene draws my attention away from the hazy overcast day and sky, from the hills and the trees in the background, and places it on the Bluebonnets in the foreground, precisely where I feel that it should be.
The first though of the 7 Yokings of Felicity was that yellow "kite like" art was representing the sun's rays or sunshine. Being three dimensional, I feel that the work projects a feeling of the warmth and life that the sun provide us with. Even while the work is still, I can visualize the artist's thought of constant motion. Motion like the sun's rays rushing forward with energy, purpose, and life, just as in our solar system.
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