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Ihuoma Okonkwo

i choose this painting cause it looks like an oil of painting and i like oil paintings. what made the artist think of to paint this. i think the man is lonely cause there is no one else there.
i choose this cause this makes me think about hinduism. what are krishna's powers? i now learnt that maybe krishna is a god of flute or the god of music.
i choose this cause it made me think about the death of jesus. What was the main purpose of the painting? i think the artist was trying to show someone who was at the point of dying.
I picked this one because the chair was really unique and looked kinna royal. the author is trying to describe a rich person in those days. this makes me think of someone or a family who is rich.
i picked this picture cause i really like the clock. i think the author is trying to show something of back then cause on the bottom there are people who look like they were from back then.
i think this picture is telling a story. maybe the author s trying to express some he had already been through. this makes me think of people in the world who are suffering.
maybe the author is trying to show a poor man or a city that has political crisis. cause when i the man standing, it looks like he is fustrated.
i think the author likes rabbits and when ever i see this painting it makes me think of bunnies.
from the title, i think he is probably going to a game or maybe even having a fight with someone thats why the title is ready for the game.
i choose this cause we were learning about hindu deities and shiva is one of the important god. maybe this author painted this cause he is hindu or he likes shiva. shiva is my favorite in all of them.
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