Color Schemes

Liz Farquhar

Primary- the use of the 3 simplest colors gives it a light-hearted, cheery mood. The use of yellow implies a jovial mood, but still bold because they contrast so much.
2ndary-I think the log isorange.The treebark is also purplewhile their leaves are green.Because purple & orange arent usually treecolors,it makes this surreal.It also draws emphasis to the fallenlog.
Complementary- The red flowers pop out clearly against the green grass.I think this creates attention and emphasis on the flowers while being beautiful. the theme becomes positive with this beauty.
Monochromatic- The pastel color of that is painted here gives this painting a boring mood. It is a doorway painted in a bland color,so it's not chaotic in any way. Its pretty plain.
Black n White-The fact that this is a room plan with no color,makes this art very informative. It's very simplistic, but not boring. Since there is not a lot of color, it doesn't rly have much emotion
Analogous- the similar blue and green colors create a theme of plainness. There isn't much variety in those pots,so they look kind of lowkey. There are slightly bland.
Cool- the way the black dominates over the blue and purple cool colors, give this art a negative feeling. it is almost creepy and feels like there's no light.
Warm- Yellow, orange and red dominate this art adding light and light-heartedness. This makes me feel jovial because its such a nice scene. This definently has a positive tone.
Credits: All media
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