" Darkness and Light"

THis collection titled " Darkness and Light" is a collection that I myslef love. I love the contrast between dark and light values, colors, and the difference dark and light values mixed together help a contrast of images to look blended together. VIncent van Gogh distributes alot of these similar portraits using he dark and light to give meaning .Therefore, enjoy the darkness and the light becuasr wheres there dark there's always light somewhere.

The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in WInter, 1804 by Vincent Van Gogh is a terrific example of light and dark. The slightly contrast is seen through the tree branches. The depiction of life and death is still seen through this image. The tree and the branches which were once alive but now in distrought due to climate causing death or infertilization . The dark values are seen through the outline of the ground and the sides of the garden. While, the Light is more seen the through the sky.
This oil on canvas , created during the style of post-impressionism , Van Gogh's nightfall sky, is a setting of a field with countlesws moonlight. The neighborhood or rather valley village is in order with the depiction of life and death . THe lightness and darkness giving the contrast between the two ( life and death).
Cineraria, 1866,by Vincent van Gogh, this oil on canvas is a stiff painting of a particular flower. The value of light and dark is also distributed in this image. Lightness i seen on the base of the plant and the leaves, while the dark is more the colors of the floweres themselves. Not very colorful but it has the contrast of light and dark.
In comparison, to the second image, this " Starry Night", has that same light and dark value except it is not a depiction of life and death. This image is merely a image of the enjoyment of life itself.It is simp;y beautiful.
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