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This Gallery represents Jesus Christ and the start of His ministry at age 33 until His crucifixion, dated 3 1/2 years later. Through portraits, figurines and ceramics, Christ will be portrayed as Savior, Teacher, Healer, Deliverer and the Risen Savior.  Jesus came to earth to be the sacrificial Lamb for all sins of mankind, past, present and future so that we too can spend eternity in Heaven with God, the Father.

Leonardo's version of the Baptism of Christ is showing, John the Baptist, pouring water on the head of Jesus. The dove above represents the Holy Spirit and the approval of the baptism. The glow is shown as Holiness and Righteousness. Jesus Christ Ministry started after his Baptism.
Jesus Christ is showed as a Teacher of His Father's word concerning righteousness. He is also teaching about who he is and what will come. Jesus would teach his followers anywhere, he didn't need a physical building, because He is the foundation of the Church. This painting shows the simplicity of His followers and the attentiveness to His every word that is shown.
As the storm was raging and tossing the boat back and forth with the waves, the disciples were afraid that they were going to parish. Jesus is shown with the glow or halo above his head and is resting quite comfortably. The darkness of the skies with light still shining through shows the promise of Christ's protection from any storm.
This painting shows more of the humanistic side of Jesus Christ. He refuses to allow the ways of the world to taint the Holiness of his Father's House. This House is a House of worship and no money changers and sellers of any merchandise will be allowed to stay. God is Holy and will be respected as Holiness. The visual elements used are almost life like with clear anguish on the faces of all.
Jesus is coming to the end of His Ministry and goes into the Garden to pray. An angel appears to comfort him doing this time and to anoint Him with the cup that he is holding. In the corner of the painting is a small figure representing the moon. The images and use of color in this painting is breathtaking.
This is symbolic of Christ crucified on the cross. His hands and feet nailed to the cross, but shows a crucified Christ still suffering. Some religions still use the Corpus (body of Christ) and the Cross while others just use the Cross. Even as Jesus is dying on the cross, His arms is still stretched wide to receive anyone who calls upon his name.
This ceramic Jug has the crucifixion painted on with other figures standing at the base of the cross. During the Renaissance period this piece was deemed blasphemous toward Christ. It still shows the artist interpretation of the crucified Christ, but on a piece of ceramic instead of a canvas. The piece is colorful with the blue representing the sky where Christ would ascend.
The burial of Christ is a dark piece that shows a dark time in history. Jesus disciples have his body from the cross to prepare for burial. One of the disciples have a torch to shed light on Christ and his wounds. The artist is showing Christ in light as still the Light of the World.
Christ, the Risen Savior have conquered death and the grave. The grayish color naked people represents death, but Christ in all His Glory is showered upon the one with the out stretched arms and life is given back to her. Christ is stepping on the head of the serpent and has conquered evil even in the depths of hell.
This beautiful piece of carved art show the Ascension of Christ to take his place on the right hand side of the Father. But, before he leaves the earth, the keys of authority over death and the grave is given to his Disciple Peter. All of the disciples except for Judas who betrayed him is gathered around Christ before he leaves them. This ends the ministry of Jesus, now Christ Jesus on the earth.
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