Neli's Aesthetics

This is a picture of a mother taking care of her child. In the distance you can see other women looking out the door. This picture has a calm and cozy vibe, it's very easy to look at.
This is a professional portrait of Hamilton. He seemed to be a very attractive man, which contrasted to the other not as attractive man. That also adds to his charisma.
I enjoyed this artwork because it shows the beauty of this woman. The specific use of light colors only in the middle add contrast with the dark background, making her stand out even more.
I liked this artwork because I feel like she looks like me (curly brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and just the shape of the face in general). It is amazing how psychically similar we can be to others.
I added this picture because it is a glimpse into the domestic lives of Americans of that time period. It shows the work that male Americans did in their domestic lives.
I chose this picture because it shows women empowerment which was rare in that era. The blue coat contrasts perfectly with the warm background.
I chose this picture because it is aesthetically satisfying. It shows contrast between today's Niagara and Niagara in the past, showing that it was just as beautiful before as now.
I chose this artwork because the two ladies are drawn beautifully. Their pale skin contrasts with the dark background which enforces their beauty.
I chose this one because the art skill is amazing. There is great detail in this picture. Furthermore the face of the person closely resembles people today, which gives him a more modern look/
I chose this artwork because the man looks very powerful in that outfit. The golden elements contrast with the dark background. Also his nose is enormous.
I chose this because it is very aesthetically satisfying to look at. I love the radiant colors (the red/yellow/orange) and the amazing detail in the overall picture.
Similarly to the previous pictures, I like this because of the amazing contrast of the bloody red with the dark background.
I chose this picture simply because it is well drawn. The lady is old yet pretty. Her pale face contrasts with the dark background.
I chose this because it is indian representation in art, back in those racist times. It was probably rare to draw to draw any race other than white at the time.
I chose this because it is a sculpture instead of a picture which was different and interesting. I like the detail and work put into this piece.
Here is another sculpture. It is very simple yet interesting to look at.
Here are cute birds. I really like the yellow thing they are all gathered around.
Here is a beautiful landscape. The yellow and green colors present a relaxing atmosphere.
Another landscape. This one is a bit more darker, presenting a mysterious yet interesting picture.
Another landscape - a glimpse into the lives of the people at the time. Shows a relaxing park with boats, and people walking and houses.