Northern Secondary School Erin

Very abstract, mimics textures
-originally a greyish black jade, but while buried stained the piece-faint carving of an insect
colour, movement
unity-looks like people holding each others hands
calming, imitates a drop hitting water
colour, space, light
hand painted
very detailed engraving 
the natural colours (originally grey and white)
The artist is unknown, it was found in a temple on the Gambier islands. this was discovered and preserved because it was said to be an object of worship. Shape and balance are the main elements and principles presented in this artifact. its a very thin yet tall build with 4 arms reaching out to the sky. It looks as if 3 pieces are balancing on top of eachother. Not much is known about the cultural background but its said that each hand was to hold a skull of an enemy and offer it to Tu, the god of war. (maori mythology) Though it looks small it is 1800cm tall. I like the balance of the 4 hands opening up at the top of thin sculpture. to me it resembles a flower.
Credits: All media
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