one Piece at a Time

An exhibition showcasing pieces of bigger puzzles from Frescoes of times past. Over the centuries, there has been many painted frescoes. Here you will see, 10 different fragments all depicting various scenes throughout history utilizing hues of red to draw you into the focal point of a scene.                                                                                                         By: Suzette Jewett

Salome by Spinello Arentino from 1390 feautres a coral red back drop luring you to observe the pensive woman with a long plait inquiringly looking downward.
The Infant St. John the Baptist from 1390 presented to Zacharias by Spinello Arentino. The red robe draws you to look at the maiden who is highlighting the infant John swaddled in her arms.
A Fresceos fragment from the third quarter of the first century shows a topless cherub holding a golden stalk of wheat within a mango red background making the scene more prominent.
Fresco Panel with Two Warriors fourth century B.C. conveys the usage of russet red as a prominent color throughout the unfolding scene.
Fresco fragment circa 70, all other pertinent information unknown. Depicting mythological creatures within the border, this scenes drab red rectangular frame captures the accenting two serpents.
Fresco fragment (part of 72.AG.78.4 around 70, but no other details. The amber red draws attention to the vertical object questioning it's purpose and objective within the painting.
Wall Fragment with Grotesques 70, no other info garnered. A scroll pattern usage of ruby red punctuates it meaning whether it stems from riches, royalty or something of great importance.
Fresco Fragment with Cupids and Psyche Making Perfume third quarter of 1st century. This particular piece renders a classic red frame isolating a scene from the rest of the fresco.
Falconer circa 1125-1150 by Master of San Baudelio uses clay red for the background silhouetting a man on horse holding its reins. The bird, hands, head are variation of red, and the sword is grey.
Fresco Depicting a Woman (Maenad?) Holding a Dish; Peacock and Fruit Below 1st century. Here we have fire engine red as a guide, guiding us to all the various figure and objection there is to see.
Credits: All media
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