This gallery shows and compares different types and forms of expressing waves or ocean and its forms, the artists use different materials to express different textures and some may give you a sense of fear from the artwork as it is strong and powerful and some may give you a sense of calmness and steadiness.

This artwork shows how the ocean has textures and layers that make it unique, shown by the use of sand dunes at the beach. The Ocean by Fritz Goro is similar to the Untitled artwork by Mannish Nai as of the materials used are both used to create texture which shows the unsteadiness and imperfectness of the ocean.
This is a structural frame that shows an abstract form of a wave, it uses stainless stew. This sculpture is very similar to the Thirthy-Six Views Of Mount Fuji:The Great Wave Of The Coast Of Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusaias they both represent a wave of power, strenght and a destructive wave. Howerver one is a painting and one is a sculpture. The way that Katsushika Hokusaias uses the white paint to represent the white water and a powerful part of the way is similar to the way that artist Lee uses the stainless steel to represent the same thing, however they are both completely different materials.
I like how John Appleton has used very light colours in this artwork. This gives us a feeling of calmness, clear weather and an early in the morning scene whereas in The North Sea After Storny Weather by Laurits Tuxen there is a use of darker colours which creates more of a darker, later in the day and stormy weather feeling.
This artwork shows uses different shades of blue, black and white to show the roughness of the ocean and how i is not always calm, sometimes the wind can blow and the sea becomes rough and i see that because od the different shades used.
Credits: All media
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