Masterpieces of the         renaissance

By Ellie Travisano and Sela Murphy

As you can see in the background of this picture there are castles. It's also apart of the renaissance because Jesus is in it.
This picture is from the renaissance because of the clothing that she is wearing. The girl in is very well detailed and in the renaissance they focus on that.
The way his hair is cut and the clothing he is wearing. The way his hands are placed right in front of him.
The outside of the circle makes the people inside look like angels. The details are very well detailed too.
His body is well detailed and you can clearly see it through his arms and face. The thing that he is sitting on is a rock as well.
There are wooden house like structures. In the background there looks like trouble with knights.
He is an angel and angels are forms of art. The dragon in the picture could symbole a story.
There is many religious figures in it. And it is by a famous artist in the renaissance.
There is a horse in it and a man. The man is a knight and they were in the renaissance.
There are religious figures in it. They have popes and monks in it as well.
Credits: All media
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