Points in society-trista thomas

Finding paintings that use pointillism depicting different scenes of society from the very bottom and outskirts to the very top in the middle of town.

This painting portrays peasants harvesting after the apple harvest before fall sets in. Pissarro painted so that the emphasis is on the apple tree and the peasants harvesting the fallen treats. While in the background, he has used proportion to show the trees in the distance being farther away than they actually are.
We see here, a leisurely Sunday afternoon as the gentry relaxes after morning in Church visiting with family and friends at the park. By using Asymmetrical balance and proportion, Seurat brings the veiwers' attention to the young woman on the right side of the painting and shifting to focus along the length of the painting as the eyes are drawn diagonally across and the scenery fades away.
An elderly couple sit to tea in what appears to be the evening while the maid waits on the lady of the household. Signac saturated the painting with blue tones to create the illusion of an early evening with tea. Then by creating the curve of the table with the couple sitting on different sides, he created the illusion of three dimensional space.
This scene depicts two couples spending quality time courting in the gardens away from prying eyes. Van Gogh created a sense of movement by using the brush strokes to paint the scene as if the wind is blowing the trees and the clouds in the sky are moving slowly as they do in every day life. By contrasting the colors he brings attention to the two couples traveling through the gardens decorated in darker and warmer colors compared to the scenery around them.
In this painting, a boat sails down the Seine in view of Saint-Cloud. Munch painted the river as if it flowed, displaying the movement of the water itself with each brush stroke. He then creates the illusion of the sun beaming down on the scene as if it's midday, casting shadows as the sun goes down using value to create such an illusion.
Paglia depicts a scene of a busy town in Spain. By his use of proportion, Prendergast creates the illusion of the townspeople walking further into town getting smaller as they go with the buildings towering over them. He then created a sense of rhythm by using the repetitive warm colors in his landscape and people to create a sense of unity in the painting.
Pissarro captures a moment as two women visit whilst one is walking and the other is in her yard working. In the strokes of each brush is a sense of unity as he brings together the piece by using cool colors to depict the young women and the scene around them. He then creates emphasis on the young woman on the road by having her stand just a bit higher then the other girl with a little more detail and just a little bigger.
A normal day at the harbor as people mender and ships come and go. Pissarro creates movement by painting the smoke stacks shifting in the wind and the clouds held in place in the blue sky. He then creates a sense of unity with balance of proportion and colors so the painting comes together as a whole.
This painting has the viewers' looking on at a performance on stage as the ladies dance and the men create the melody. Seurat saturated the painting with violet and pink, creating a demure effect to the painting. He then curved and soft lines to create a gentle feeling to the painting.
A quiet country scene as the fishermen return with their day's haul in the evening to be greeted by an elderly woman. Jan van de Heyden created a sense of three dimension with the painting of the river flowing along the curved bank. Then by using proportion he created a sense of distance in the painting.
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